Technology Levels

Technology Levels measure the scientific capacity of a world and the complexity and effectiveness of a piece of equipment. TL 0: (Primitive) No technology. TL 1: (Primitive) Roughly on a par with Bronze or Iron age technology. TL 2: (Primitive) Renaissance technology. TL 3: (Primitive) The advances of TL 2 are now applied, bringing the germ of industrial revolution and steam power. TL 4: (Industrial) The transition to industrial revolution is complete, bringing plastics, radio and other such inventions. TL 5: (Industrial) TL 5 brings widespread electrification, tele-communications and internal combustion. TL 6: (Industrial) TL 6 brings the development of fission power and more advanced computing. TL 7: (Pre-Stellar) A pre-stellar society can reach orbit reliably and has telecommunications satellites. TL 8: (Pre-Stellar) At TL 8, it is possible to reach other worlds in the same system, although terraforming or full colonisation are not within the culture’s capacity. TL 9: (Pre-Stellar) The defining element of TL 9 is the development of gravity manipulation, which makes space travel vastly safer and faster. TL 10: (Early Stellar) With the advent of Jump, nearby systems are opened up. TL 11: (Early Stellar) The first true artificial intelligences become possible, as computers are able to model synaptic networks. TL 12: (Average Stellar) Weather control revolutionises terraforming and agriculture. TL 13: (Average Stellar) The battle dress appears on the battlefield in response to the new weapons. TL 14: (Average Stellar) Fusion weapons become man-portable. TL 15: (High Stellar) Black globe generators suggest a new direction for defensive technologies, while the development of synthetic anagathics means that the human lifespan is now vastly increased. Higher Technology Levels exist and may appear in other settings or be discovered by pioneering scientists.
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