Sample Patrons

Each patron encounter lists:
  • The patron’s name and role.
  • The skills and resources required to complete the mission.
  • The suggested reward for the mission.
  • The mission as described to the characters.
What’s really going on. Several possible variants will be presented – either pick or roll for which is the real situation.

Jefri haut-Oschem, Planetologist

Required: Life Sciences, Survival; Spacecraft. Reward: Cr. 2,000/day plus expenses.

Players’ Information

His Excellency haut-Oschem is a respected Planetologist, specialising in worlds that are nearly habitable. A planet might be a little too cold, or too dry, or be infested with a lethal native species. Haut-Oschem’s genius is in making tiny changes to a planet’s ecosystem or climate. All too often, a change can ripple out through the complex balances of a planetary environment and have unforeseen consequences. Haut-Oschem requires a spacecraft and a crew trained in the sciences for a brief period of research – no more than a few weeks, possibly a month or two. While haut-Oschem has worked with the Scout Service in the past, this mission is entirely under the aegis of private research. The ship will be visiting worlds outside settled space.

Referee’s Information

Any character with contacts in the Scout service can find out that haut-Oschem has quarrelled with the Survey section, and that his once-stellar career has dark clouds hanging over it. Something has gone wrong…
  1. Haut-Oschem has been replaced in the eyes of the Scout service by a younger researcher, Harad Leish. Old haut-Oschem wants to prove that his theories and methodologies are still valid. Leish and a laboratory ship from the Scout Service are currently surveying a jungle world inhabited by numerous hostile species. To prove his worth, haut-Oschem needs to find a way for humans to live safely on the world before the Scout service do.
  2. As above, but haut-Oschem is bitter, and his real plan is to sabotage Leish’s survey team.
  3. Haut-Oschem has discovered that he made a terrible mistake at the start of his career. He approved the settlement of a world before he fully understood the ecosystem. Every few centuries, a species of carnivorous locusts hatches in vast swarms and devours everything in their path. The characters need to find a way to stop the insects from hatching.
  4. As above, but haut-Oschem wants to preserve his reputation above all else. The characters need to stop the insects without revealing what they’re doing to the settlers.
  5. Haut-Oschem discovered something very valuable on his most recent survey, such as a massive deposit of precious metals or alien technology. He wants the characters to help him recover it.
  6. As above, but haut-Oschem is in a race with the Scout service. He’s not the only one to have read between the lines in his latest survey.
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