Injury and Recovery

Injured characters are either wounded or seriously wounded. A character is considered seriously wounded if he has lost at least one point from all three of his physical characteristics. As soon as one of his physical characteristics is restored, no matter how, he is no longer seriously wounded. Seriously wounded characters who have somehow avoided unconsciousness cannot move except to hobble or crawl along at 1.5 metres per combat round. They also lose their minor action in combat. Wounded characters heal naturally and can also benefit from medical care. When characteristic points return from healing, players may choose which characteristic regains the points and may split healing between characteristics if they wish.

Natural Healing

An injured character regains a number of characteristic points equal to his 1d6 + Endurance DM per day of full rest. If the character continues an active lifestyle he only heals a number of characteristic points equal to 1 + Endurance DM per day. Characters with a low Endurance DM (quite possibly from injury) may degrade (lose more characteristic points) over time if they are unlucky or cannot (or will not) rest. A seriously wounded character only regains characteristic points equal to his Endurance DM per day of rest, which means that the character may never heal naturally and will even get worse if his Endurance DM is currently negative.

Medical Treatment

First Aid: Applying first aid restores a number of characteristic points equal to twice the Effect of the Medic check. Points restored by first aid are divided as desired among all damaged physical characteristics. First aid must be applied within five minutes of the injuries being received to be fully effective. A character can still benefit from first aid up to an hour after their injury but they only receive a number of characteristic points equal to the Effect of the Medic check. Performing first aid on yourself is a Difficult (-2) task. Surgery: A character who is seriously wounded (after first aid has been applied) requires surgery. Surgery restores characteristic points just like first aid but if the check is failed the patient loses characteristic points equal to the Effect. Surgery requires a hospital or sickbay. Once one characteristic is back to its maximum level the patient can benefit from medical care. Surgery does not benefit characters who are not seriously wounded. Performing surgery on yourself is a Very Difficult (-4) task. Medical Care: Medical care restores 2 + the character’s Endurance DM + the doctor’s Medic skill in characteristic points per day, divided evenly among all damaged characteristics. Medical care requires a hospital or sickbay and for the patient to undergo full bed rest. Augmentation and Medical Care: Cybernetic or genetic augments can interfere with medical treatment. All medical care or surgery Medic rolls treating a character suffer a negative DM equal to the difference in Technology Level between the medical facility and the highest relevant implant.

Healing and Mental Characteristics

Other than Psionic Strength, characters may also suffer damage to their Intelligence or even their Education. Unless otherwise specified, each mental characteristic heals at the rate of one point per day.
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