Environmental Dangers


Diseases reduce a character’s Characteristics, usually Endurance. The character must make an Endurance check with the listed DM   to resist the effects of the disease. If the character fails the Endurance check then he takes the listed damage and must make another Endurance check a few hours or days later, depending on the interval of the disease. Once an Endurance check has been passed, the character has fought off the disease.
Disease DM Damage Interval
Pneumonia +0 1d6+4 1d6 weeks
Anthrax -3 1d6+2 1d6 days
Regina Flu +1 1d6-2 1d6 days
Biological Weapon -6 1d6+8 1d6 hours


Poisons operate in the same way as diseases, but generally work much faster and often have a wider range of effects. Most poisons do not have an interval but apply their damage immediately.
Poison DM Damage
Arsenic -2 2d6
Tranq Gas -1d6 Unconscious if Endurance check is failed
Neurotoxin -4 1d6 Intelligence

Extremes of Temperature

Unusually hot or cold worlds can cause damage unless the characters are suitably protected. Temperatures are in Celsius.
Heat Effect
50˚ (Very hot desert) 1d6/hour
200˚ (~Mercury) 1d6/round
500˚ (~Venus) 2d6/round
Burning Torch 1d6/round
Welding Torch 2d6/round
Inferno 3d6/round


High winds and torrential rain can inflict a negative Dice Modifier of -1 to -4 to all skill checks.


A character who falls on a 1-gravity world suffers 1d6 damage per two metres fallen. High- or low-gravity worlds will increase or decrease the damage. Look up the size code for the world and the gravity level associated with it and multiply the falling damage by the gravity number.


A fatigued character suffers a -2 DM to all checks until he rests. The amount of rest needed is 3 – the character’s Endurance DM hours . If a character suffers fatigue while already fatigued they fall unconscious.


An unconscious character may make an Endurance check after every minute of unconsciousness – if successful, he regains consciousness. If he fails he must wait another minute and can then try again with a +1 DM on the check for every check previously failed.
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