Background Skills

Before embarking on your careers, you get a number of background skills equal to 3 + your Education DM (1 to 5, depending on your Education score). Homeworld: Growing upon your homeworld gave you skills that depend on the planet’€™ snature. You can select any skill that matches your homeworld’€™s planetary description and trade codes. If you came from a planet already established, then consult those sources for the planet’€™s description. Agricultural: Animals 0 Asteroid: Zero-G 0 Desert: Survival 0 Fluid Oceans: Seafarer 0 Garden: Animals 0 High Technology: Computers 0 High Population: Streetwise 0 Ice-Capped: Vacc Suit 0 Industrial: Trade 0 Low Technology: Survival 0 Poor: Animals 0 Rich: Carouse 0 Water World: Seafarer 0 Vacuum: Vacc Suit 0 Education: A formal education gives you a basic level of competence in various sciences and academic disciplines. Any character may choose from the following list: Admin 0, Advocate 0, Art 0, Carouse 0, Comms 0, Computer 0, Drive 0, Engineer 0, Language 0, Medic 0, Physical Science 0, Life Science 0, Social Science 0, Space Science 0, Trade 0.
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